We produce: Non-standard shower enclosures, railings. We glaze balconies, partitions, terraces. Canopies. Welding, turning and milling of all metals.
Non – standard products. Paper and cardboard packaging.

Non-standard products

Balcony glazing

Paper and cardboard packaging

If you need some kind of non - standard product or a printout from paper or cardboard, just callus – together we can achieve a really good result. We will cut, print, design and pack your product in such a a way, that it looked safe, nice and organic. Your preferences are like switches of our creation plans, thus we encourage you to avoid using plastic boxes and choose the cardboard ones.

Big and small boxes, pallets, packaging handles and stamps, labels, stickers, flyers, cards, business cards and table cards. Paper and cardboard is our reality, however we use not only these materials but much more: we cut paranitas, plastic, polyethylene, various gaskets, films, filters and etc. Punching forms
may be up to A1 format.